30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

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Style: American Imperial Stout
ABV: 11 %
Availability: Limited - One Time

An American Imperial Stout, Bell’s 30th Anniversary Ale is also a nod to another beer and one of the earliest examples of the style released here in the United States, Bell’s Expedition Stout. “This beer is a testament to three-plus decades of hard-work. It honors all that has helped us get to this point – hard work, quality and authenticity,” said Larry Bell, Bell’s President and Founder. “It reminds us of where we’ve been, how we’ve grown over the years, the challenges we’ve faced and at the same time, looks forward to what comes next,” he added. Flavors of dark chocolate and fruit meld to create a full-bodied, roasty stou

Created: Nov 07, 2015 by Daan-FermentationNation

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